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For the last year, Urban Roast has been proudly serving the downtown Washington D.C. area with an authentic and premier cafe experience. Our gourmet coffee, specialty alcoholic beverages, and contemporary shared plates are not only delicious, but elevated by our seasonal menus and decor. Whether you're looking to grab a coffee on the go or spend an evening eating gourmet appetizers by firelight, Urban Roast is the place to be. We encourage you to come hang out and relax in our cozy, community-friendly dining space located just across the street from the Capital One Arena! The support we've received from the downtown community has been incredible and we can't wait to further our relationships for years to come. If you'd like to get to know us a little more, links to our social media can be found here.

Our Story

Where It All Began

Founded by Kamal, Anthony, and Joseph Azzouz, Urban Roast opened its doors for the first time in summer 2020. Challenged with the task of opening a restaurant in the midst of a pandemic, the three brothers hit the ground running to provide the downtown DC area with a cafe experience like no other. The vision of a grab-and-go cafe quickly evolved into a promise to serve the community with a versatile dining experience that includes a dining room, pop-up bar, and even outdoor fire pits for s'mores. Urban Roast has grown faster than any of the three brothers could have imagined, but not without hard work and dedication from the team. Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Kamal, Anthony and Joseph always had a knack for discovering and fashioning delicious food together. What started as a hobby soon turned into the birth of Urban Roast. From gourmet coffee to specialty alcoholic beverages and contemporary shared plates, the three brothers were able to bring all of their aspirations into a single restaurant. Since opening, they have been committed to their trademark season decor and menu items that can't be found anywhere else in DC. Whether it's the menu, decor, or the brand, the pandemic has compelled Urban Roast to keep the energy alive and invent an always changing, unique experience. The restaurant welcomes a community-friendly dining space DC families, local businesses, tourists, and nearby Capital One visitors will love. Kamal, Anthony, and Joseph have pinned Urban Roast as the grandfather of their businesses and plan to open many more Urban Roasts in the coming years that match the qualities of their beloved first location.

kamal azzouz
Kamal Azzouz


anthony azzouz
Anthony Azzouz


joseph azzouz
Joseph Azzouz


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